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Visit us at Bay Area Maker Faire 2017

Come visit us at Maker Faire Bay Area May 19-21st 2017!  Here is the official Maker Faire Project page. Bring project-based 21st century learning, maker spaces, coding, robotics, and design thinking to students. TechyKids offers a web solution developed over many years in the classroom for various Maker Products to integrate into the classroom. We […]


Open TechyKids Tinkering, FREE!

Calling Educators & Tech Loving Adults and Kids!  Walk in and join us with hands on learning and exploration of different awesome maker tools and learn with TechyKids Robots, Electronics, Coding, Internet of Things, Invention, This event is come and play with us! We’ll have many different  tools and experts there to assist your learning! And, […]

trio smart home

The Awesome Trio

This project is called the Awesome Trio because it was created by three friends and also has three main functions. This smart home project was made with the Acer CloudProfessor and Arduino.  When someone steps on the front porch they will walk past the infrared proximity sensor which will trigger the porch light.  There is […]

Kindergarten - 1st Activities

For Primary Teachers

Thymio is a very dynamic robot to use in your classrooms! Thymio is being currently used in education from Kindergarten through College level classes! Below is some content especially curated for Primary school teaching with Thymio. Kindergarten and 1st Grade Online Lessons: Getting Started with Thymio Intro [badgeos_achievement id=”3917″ href=”../lessons/getting-started-with-thymio-intro/”] Pre-programmed modes [badgeos_achievement id=”3886″ href=”../lessons/pre-programmed-modes/”] […]



I had fun making this today! The inspiration is from the 10 year old in Paris who won that Fellowship with a Thymio II robot. I imported her project’s 3-D model into the new online software I’m creating with a collaborator in New Zealand to bring creativity and programming robots to all kids. I also […]

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TechyKids uses Innovative Technologies to Inspire Kids in STEM

Recently I woke up to a Facebook post that went viral with 15,000 shares about a 10 year old who applied for a Paris Innovation fellowship with a project she had made with the Thymio Robot and TinkerCAD.  It was an unusual application “amidst mostly computer science Phds and seasoned urban designers”, says the Founding […]

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Three key Tools for Successfully Teaching Engineering to Kids

Now- to unlock the key ingredients so the kids you love in your life can also get ahold of this special recipe…  For starters, I have found that the Thymio Robot along with Autodesk’s TinkerCAD and RobotMagic- a brand new technology that allows kids to program robots in a web browser are the best tools. […]