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Scratch with Thymio

We are excited about the recent developments that allow Thymio to integrate with MIT’s Scratch programming language.  The newest version is used best with a Wireless Thymio, as there needs to be a constant and stable connection between the computer and Thymio robot.  A wired Thymio can be used as well, but cannot be disconnected at […]

Thymio firmware

Update Firmware

The Latest Thymio Firmware is V10 (as of June 2016) 1) Download V10 firmware update (firmware will improve sensor readings, add Thymio interactivity, and allow volume control) Check the release notes for V10 Check to see if there is a more recent firmware update 2) Watch instructional video and follow along Make sure Thymio has at […]

flower drawing

Drawing with Iterations

Drawing #1 var itera = 0 onevent temperature #Thymio updates temperature value at once per second. You can replace this line with the following two to change time intervals #timer.period[0] = 1000 #onevent timer0 itera = itera + 1 if itera==1 then = 230 = -120 end if itera==4 then = 80 […]

Aseba VPL

How to Get Started with Thymio Programming Video

Here’s a great instructional video with the basics of programming the Thymio robot. Thymio Basic Tutorial 0:14 How to Plug in Thymio to Program and Charge 1:00 Opening Aseba Studio and Connecting Thymio 1:30 The Visual Programming Language (VPL) 2:00 If-Then Statements with VPL 2:05 How to Program the Touch Sensors 2:40 How to Delete […]

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Creating and Playing a Sound File

Download Audacity. Create sound file by watching the Instructional video: Sound file must be named p#.wav, where # is replaced by a number you assign and call in your program using: call Refer to this project example for code to play a sound file.   How to Record Sound Directly from Computer to Audacity […]