Thymio Robot Education Package


Contains the following 3 pieces.  Thymio, Remote Control and Memory Card.  Also includes TechyKid’s Beginner Thymio On-line Course.

Thymio II is an awesome little robot with over 20 sensors, 40 lights, 2 motors, and LEGO integration.  Kids love Thymio because it is personable and inspires thought and creativity, and grownups love it for just the same reasons.  Scroll below for more information.

Thymio Box Contents:  Thymio II robot, Micro-USB cable for charging and programming, User manual  Online Contents:  Instructions on how to get started and download software for free.  Get it all here.


Thymio or Wireless Thymio

Remote Control- allows you to control Thymio wirelessly.

Memory Card allows you to playback and store custom sounds on Thymio.

TechyKids Beginner Thymio Online Course – Gives you access to login and take our online course, complete with videos, badges, quizzes and create your own original project!




Perfect for the classroom or home.  This set includes everything you need to do fun projects with Thymio!  Set includes the Thymio Robot, remote control (to control Thymio from a distance), memory card (to store custom sounds), and  “Getting Started with Thymio” online course.

thymio education

Thymio is an awesome little robot that kids love because it is personable and inspires thought and creativity, and grownups love it for just the same reasons. It provides these main features:

  • Over 20 Sensors, 40 lights, and 2 motors
  • An educative interactivity based on light and touch
  • A programming environment featuring graphical and text programming
  • Integration with LEGOS
  • Reacts to Wireless Remote Control
  • Pre programmed modes, and the ability to be programmed
  • Community of over 60+ Published Projects
  • Rechargeable Battery that charges while you program!
  • Compact and take anywhere you go
  • The more you learn- the more you can do with it
  • Inspires the question WHY?…Critical thinking, creativity, engineering, math, programming, building, collaboration, science and everything imagination

Thymio can be controlled with a remote control!  We’ve already tested and created the instructions for this remote so you can plug and play.  This is the perfect accessory to projects that you wish to control from a far.  This instantly turns Thymio into a remote controlled vehicle in one of the pre-programmed modes!  Go ahead, create your own project creation with this fun accessory…then with your off time- drive your friends crazy as you change channels on them while they root for their favorite sports team ;-).

Instructions can be found here.

4 Gigabyte MicroSD card with adapter for standard card reader.

Use this memory card to store sounds and songs on Thymio

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Thymio Educational Kit Options

Thymio Educational Kit, Thymio Wireless Educational Kit