Techykids Robotics Summer Camp 2017


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TechyKids Summer Camp 2017!

Who:                  7-14 yrs
Locations:       Palo Alto, CA  and  Menlo Park, CA

Dates & Location: Weeklong M-F

  • June 12-16th at Imagination School, 4000 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto CA 94303     9:00am –4:00pm
  • July 3- July 7th in Menlo Park (Near Willow Rd and 101)   9:00am –4:00pm
  • Other Dates Possible, TBD, if you have preference for weeks and location, email


Tuition: All-day (9am-4:00pm) $525/wk for Palo Alto Location

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Instructor Introductions

Sharon Marzouk is a skilled and knowledgable robotics and technology educator with 5 years experience and holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University.  She won the Educator's Award at Maker Faire in 2013 and has taught robotics to well over 1500 kids in the Bay Area!

Stacy Fernandez is a teacher in San Jose has a techy 11 year old son and has been helping with TechyKids for a year.  She has a heart of gold, great with tech and wonderful at working with kids.

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TechyKids Summer Camp- Kids Learn Robotics, Coding, Design, 3-D Modeling!

Kids create their own inspired projects.  Projects and tools that the kids will use are catered to their skill and age level.  We have a personalized learning system so are able to have kids of various ages in the same camp while continuing to challenge them.  Participants are paired with peer of similar ability level or paired with campers who are comfortable working together.

Robotics Programming & Invent Your Own Working Product (7-14 yrs)

How do robots work?  How does the robot see the world?  Learn it all here while you program a real robot!  Thymio is a versatile and fun robot with 20 sensors, 2 motors, and 39 LEDs.  It’s the perfect platform for an endless amount of projects and creativity.  First, get started with the easy to learn visual programming language as you learn to program behaviors.  Then we’ll advance to learn what ‘if then’ statements are and how to read and modify real code! We’ll be doing a variety of projects from programming a robot pet with personality, to having Thymio follow a path, solving a maze, to creating a musical instrument.

Thymioafternoon-projcet is not just an ordinary robot, it’s the platform to use your imagination to create and invent whatever you can imagine!  Program the robot to behave as you wish and then build off of Thymio with LEGO, and crafts to turn it into your invention.  Then we’ll be working on logo design, your product description, and making a video advertisement for your robot.  By the end of camp you’ll be revving to try and sell your newly branded invention.

3-D Modeling and Simulation (Ages 7+)

Learn how to model in 3-D and create interactive 3-D worlds that you program.

Scratch Programming (Ages 7+)

Makey Makey Product Invention (Ages 11+)

Learn how to program in Scratch and design an interactive experience for users.  Hook up a working circuit and build a user experience.

Smart Home Project with Arduino and CloudProfessor (Ages 12+)

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*Usually It is requested that campers bring a laptop to camp.  One laptop per 2 kids, ratio. Mac platform preferred.

How to Register for Camps at Woodland School in Portola Valley:

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