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The TechyKids System has been developed by Sharon Marzouk over the past few years, learning from her 7+ years teaching technology to kids.  It was developed actively in the classroom.  It flips the classroom to be project based, changing the teacher’s role from delivering content to being able to work more closely with kids on helping with their unique projects and managing the classroom environment more effectively.

In order to understand how to use the TechyKids system, we highly recommend you complete the following courses in order:

1) TechyKids Intro Class

This course is the TechyKids introductory class for all and is recommended for all students and teachers to take.  It will install the needed classroom culture, emphasizing respect for one another, collaboration, creativity, and embracing failure and innovation.



2) TechyKids Teacher Class

This course will teach you how to create student accounts and enroll students into your TechyKids on-line classroom and use the teacher dashboard.

Take Teacher Class (needs to be logged in)

Add students to your class here    (need to be logged in as teacher)

Track your Student’s Progress Here   (need to be logged in as teacher)

3) Take one of the following Courses:

Primary Thymio Activities (K-1st)

Thymio Beginner (2nd-4th)

Thymio Intermediate (4th-7th)








Makey Makey Course (4-8th Grade)

CloudProfessor Course (7-12th Grade)

Thymio with Scratch








4) Additional Resources